Monday, November 2, 2009

מיכל גזית Thanks to Michal Gazit and to The Artist's way by Julia Cameron

For me there will always be one rep for " The Artist's way " in Israel:

Michal Gazit

In a country where creativity is in abundance but may be later suffocated by conservative thinking and traditionalist habits, Michal has found a way to lead many of Israel's most creative yet blocked masses back to their inner-creative source.

This most wonderful human being (or should I say: Spiritual Giant ?!) found a way into my heart, and brought me back from the black abyss called the Non-creative detached living, to a world of creative light, connecting to the child within me, utilizing all my strength and might, instructing me in the path of "The artist's way".

This is just a short and unworthy description of what she continues to contribute to man/women kind.

Michal - I am eternally grateful!

Look her up when you are in town!

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