Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes - There is bad creativity

How can someones creativity be bad? Well, if the offend a group while making one of the most creative ad on TV or Radio (I kinda recall an ad in Israel during the 80's that involved women, no bras and grapefruit...).

But I am taling about a recent case of creative writing by some of Israeli's leading journalists.

You see, my Grandfather Moishe Elbaum who was a Polish refegee in the US, and became the editor of "The Forwards" paper in Yiddish, was known, or so my Mom tell, to "Doctor" his stories slightly to make them spicy. In this day and age we expect Political analysts journalists and writers to get the story right before reporting it.

This week Prime minister Netanyahu travelled to visit president Obama, and most sources agree it was not planned and had to be squeezed in. If this were true, Obama and his staff felt pressured into meeting Netanyahu (How do you pressure the leader of the free world??!), then the meeting would have been scheduled at an inconvenient time and would last minutes - not hours.

Turns out Ron Emanuel who is not known for his love to my Prime minister said the talks were good and positive, they meeting was longer than expected and was held at a good time. But since it was held directly after the Oracle from NY  - Tom Friedman wrote in his article from the day before that Obama should let Israel and Abu-Mazen wait due to their pigheadedness and should care for Ameican interests instead,  the Israeli Journalists doctored the Anti-Netanyahu story and blew it totally out of proportion: The meeting was bad, Obama was tense, Netantahu was thrown out , etc.

And this was:
A) Contrary to all the signs that the meeting went well
B) The Americans refused to say what the meeting was about
C) Parts of the story remained untold

No wonder Israeli journalists are not liked in Washington (and in large parts of Israel): Many of them have an agenda, they concoct stories that never happened according to their creative agenda - and that is negative creativity ....

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