Monday, November 2, 2009

Ya'know what happened? Israel became Diaspora

Yes - Listen carefully....I am telling you, Israel became the Diaspora, the Galut. Just for a bit, just for a short period of time... I tell you I was THERE  !!!! YESSS !
And as hard as it is for all of you to accept this,.. I was there, and it really happened....
Well firstly, it was bound to happen, we were going in that direction, ya know, and in any case ya can't get good Kosher pickles in Israel, and we dont have Hebrew National hotdogs, either....

But joking aside, seriousely, Israel doesnt have two things the Jews outside of Israel have! Listen  carefully, cause I am only going to say this once:
- Unity
So, in order to develop these two areas, Israel turned into "D'Israel" for a few days, Ya know, just to develop those two areas... Why "D'Israel"? Well, ... it sounds like DIsraeli, the British Jewish Prime minister, but also, it stands for "Diaspora - Israel", and it is kinda cool: D'Israel' DIsrael....! Sounds kinda French, dont you think? ??

So you might be asking yourselves: Why am I going on with this claim? I will tell you. Because Israel to me apart from being home, is, from the Jewish perspective, a very Arrogant, confident and complacent place. Too calm, too confident.

So one day the leaders decided wisely to learn from the Jews abroad, and we became D'Israel for a while.

Less confident, not as secure, but creative, vibrant again, ALIVE !!!!!!!!!! Like the Jews abroad.

Am Yisrael Hai!

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